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Oct 29, 2010 at 06:34 AM

Output Tax for Australia


Hi Guys ,

Need some help here . I am going live with Australia implementation Nov 1st.

I have some issues here.

I have maintained output tax MWST for pricing and I have MWST maintained in VK11 all the way .

However in OVk1 - Australia 's tax categoy is = ATX1 and the material master tax is also poping up with ATX1.

Fine .. I have maintained the material master tax as ATX1 = 0,1, . but my pricing is still MWST.

The surprising things is when I create the Sales order MWST PICKS UP the 10% tax !!

How is this possible if the Tax for material is maintained as ATX1 and not MWST ...

How is pricing picking up as 0 or 1. ????

Please help explain , If I delete ATX1 from OVK1 and replace it with MWST. It doenst work. Pricing does not pick up

SO somehow ATX1 is linked to MWST but where and how ?????

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