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Oct 29, 2010 at 06:24 AM

Rule Generation fails



We have an issue. After installation few month ago we uploaded standard files (according to postinstall steps) and now we are trying to load modified action/permission files.

We have a problem with Rule Generation programm. During rule generation job we have got a problem:

"Error while executing the Job:ERROR: Risk: F001 has exceeded the maximum number of rules (46,655) that can be generated for a risk"

According to note #1310365 on our side for F001 is all correct: F001 risk consist of two Functions - GL01 and GL02. GL01 has 168 actions, and GL02 has 56 actions, i.e. total 9408 rules (168*56). We think that it happens because we uploaded files for all systems and groups (for DEV200, PRD400and their group ERP Systems; for PRD420 and its group CUA), in this case 9408 * 5 (number of systems)=47040.

We have tried to upload empty files (action/permission with only one string in each), we hoped that it cleaned all information, and after this we can load SoD again. But it doesn't help...

What can we do?

P.S. [thread |Rule Generation fails - maximum no of rules 46655; has been watched