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Oct 28, 2010 at 08:50 PM

REUSE_ALV_BLOCK_LIST_APPEND - apply layout change for all tables in screen


Hi SDN community members,

I have created a 'blocked report' using REUSE_ALV_BLOCK_LIST_APPEND function module, among the others.

It displays several alv lists in the screen.

But now when I change layout (sorting, show/hide fields, and so on) it applies only to one list object, the one which I have set the mouse cursor on.

Is there some possibility to bind layout change functionality with all alv lists currently displayed in the screen?

I mean when I change layout or sorting etc. I would like to apply it to all alv lists in the screen, kind of 'globally'

(Before blocked list I tried to use cl_salv_hierseq_table. Unfortunately I had to change the conception because I couldn't implement few small functionalities, for example I couldn't completely hide the orange header line, or set different texts for the same column among few lists)

In case of REUSE_ALV_BLOCK_LIST_APPEND I solved those small problems, but ... now I have problem mentioned, how to apply layout changes to all lists currently displayed in the screen...

Or maybe you could recommend some other solution, class, FModules etc. to display my report?

I will really appreciate your tips how to solve this problem.

Kind Regards,


Edited by: Piotr Wojciechowski on Oct 29, 2010 8:10 AM