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Former Member
Oct 28, 2010 at 12:16 PM

Error in phase START INSTANCE while installing CI in HA Environment


Hi All,

While Installing Central Instanse in HA Environment It got stuck in step Start Instance. When I manually tried to Start CI it is giving me below error in trans.log file.

db_con_connect (con_name=R/3) 77 0.007960

find_con_by_name found the following connection for reuse:

0: name = R/3, con_id = 000000000 state = DISCONNECTED, perm = YES, reco = NO , timeout = 000, con_max = 255, con_opt = 255, occ = NO

ERROR => unable to load DB2 library 'libdb2.a(shr_64.o)'. Reason: Could not load module shr_64.o.

System error: No such file or directory 5090 0.013119

ERROR in DB6Connect[dbdb6.c, 1467] CON = 0 (BEGIN)

DbSlConnectDB6: Unable to load DB2 libraries. Connect failed.

ERROR in DB6Connect[dbdb6.c, 1467] (END) 22 0.013384

2EETW169 no connect possible: "DBMS = DB6 --- DB2DBDFT = 'BJ1'"

I have Installed ASCS and database successfully on below Platform:-



Above error comes while Installing CI. Please suggest your views to resolve this.

Best Regards