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Oct 28, 2010 at 10:56 AM

Applikation in NWBC - wrong environment determination


Hi all,

at the moment im trying to run an SAP application (eRecruiting 604) using the NWBC. At the first sight everything seems to be fine. But as soons as I try to navigate in the POWL (using the action buttons) errors occur or simply nothing happens. After some hours of checking i think i've found the reason. For navigation the event POWL_FOLLOW_UP is used. In the handler method the used environment is determined by the following code:

lo_api_component = io_wd_component.

lo_wd_application = lo_api_component->get_application( ).

lv_cl_environment = lo_wd_application->get_client_environment( ).

Unfortunately the result is 2, means Portal. I would expect that the result should be 4 for NWBC. Due to this the wrong launchpad customizing is used and errors are shown "iview xyz not implemented". Addittionally the OBN fails as well.

Does anyone have an idea how to solve this or tried this already.

I'm using NWBC 3 PL3 on a 70106 System.

Thanks in advance.