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Former Member
Oct 28, 2010 at 10:52 AM

Using the RFC C API with parameters that take multiple values


We have an application that has used the RFC C API to execute RFC-enabled FMs successfuly for many years.

Now we have a customer that wishes to execute an FM, /POSDW/CREATE_TRANSACTIONS_EXT, which contains an import parameter, IT_TRANSACTION, that can have a number of input values (rows).

I had thought that the RFC C API only supported single parameter values (through Rfc_CreateParameter), and that multiple values were always transported as tables. I haven't found anything in the RFC SDK that contradicts that.

So is it possible to execute this FM with multiple values for an import parameter using RFC, and if so can anybody give me some guidance as to how this can be done using the RFC C API?

Also, it may be that this is only supported in some versions of the SDK. Can I have some guidance on which ones might support the above.