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Oct 28, 2010 at 10:21 AM

Official Systemcopy Guides



I am in the process of developing a concept for a BOBJ system landscape.

Now I am totally new to BOBJ, but quite aged in SAP ERP environments, and thinking

about some standard tasks in ERP, I am missing some standard procedures in the BOBJ documentation.

Are there already some "officially" supported systemcopy procedures documented somewhere for BO XI 3.1?

I did not find any yet. If there are, they might be worth to be put into the "sticky" thread at the forums top 😊

(i.e. SAPNET search with "business objects systemcopy" goes without any good hit)

I worked through the admin guide and I at least supose one can install onto a single box

several BOBJ servers. i.e. by utilizing multi IPs so you can keep the ports for diffrent servers

on the same machine the same.

I find the way to assign diffrent ports very uncomfortable esp. as the admin guide states only

some of them to be configurable but quite a couple of ports to be needed in addition in the firewall admin chapter.

So I suspect there might be potential possible port conflicts in the later life of a system, when installing

multiple instances of a BOBJ server onto a single box.

So I am just thinking of a setup like

hostname bobphys

virtual ip bobprog with Server installed in /usr/sap/BO1

virtual ip bobqual with Server installed in /usr/sap/BO2

virtual ip bobsand with Server installed in /usr/sap/BOS

All servers using the same ports but using bindings to the seperate virtual Ips utilizing the

"server host identification options" from the admin guide.

Some kind of standard task would be to periodicly copy BO2 to BOS.

Has anybody insights, if this approach would be a usefull one and how any needed adoptions for

hostnames / pathnames might be needed to be performed after a BO2 -> BOS copy.

Thanks for insights