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Oct 28, 2010 at 02:47 AM

Problem with Replace


Hi All,

i am using replace statement to replace all occurence of '\' with Space but it is not doing correctly,

can anyone please help me?

i have string CONTENT_NEW : MTE:SD0\nwssd01_SD0_00\CPU\CPU_Utilization

while i need CONTENT_NEW : SD0 nwssd01_SD0_00 CPU CPU_Utilization

but problem is that i am getting wrong string like this:

CONTENT_NEW : SD0nwssd01_SD0_00CPUCPU_Utiliza

i wrote the code like below:

content_new = content_new+4(60).

REPLACE ALL OCCURRENCES OF '\' in content_new WITH space.

None of the above statment is working.

Please help.