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Oct 27, 2010 at 10:48 PM

Approval procedure vs Transaction Notification


Hello dear experts,

I have an issue with the approval procedures and the validations I have to do using the Transaction Notificacion Stored procedure.

this is the scenario and conditions to consider:

1.A purchase order (Doctotal) that are between 0 and 25,000 USD needs an approval.

2. A purchase order needs to have all the project column filled in before the approval procedure. this column is in the detail of a document, so all the rows have to be filled in with the right project code otherwise when your request have been submmited and your receive the approval you are not allowed to do any changes in the Detail Document.

I realized that the approval procedure is launched before the Transaction Notification SP.

So I decided to add a query for the approval procedure considering the validations in the project column:

SELECT distinct 'true'


WHERE $[OPOR.DocTotalSy.number] Between 0 and 24999.99 ---This part works perfeclty!!! 😊

AND LEN(isnull($[POR1.Project.0],''))>0 and $[POR1.U_SubJob.0]>0 ) --This part does not work 😔

As you see in the query, I am trying to validate that all the rows have the project code (Project) and a UDF (U_SubJob) filled in.

Have anybody been done this before? How can I access to the detail values of the document? It is easy to acces values on the header. 😔

I appreciate any help on this. Thank you very much