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Oct 27, 2010 at 05:53 PM

Doubt in Binding Table In Crysatk Report, how it work?


Hi u2026

Order Table

Order No Date Product Qty Customer

A101 10-Oct-2010 Mac Book 10 John

A102 10-Oct-2010 I-Phone 25 Smith

A103 10-Oct-2010 I-Pad 40 Kallis

Here Order No is primary key

Order Detail Table

Order No Date Product Qty Customer Batch No

A101 10-Oct-2010 Mac Book 03 John B01

A102 10-Oct-2010 I-Phone 05 Smith B02

A103 10-Oct-2010 I-Pad 10 Kallis B03

A101 10-Oct-2010 Mac Book 02 John B04

A102 10-Oct-2010 I-Phone 07 Smith B05

A103 10-Oct-2010 I-Pad 15 Kallis B06

Here Batch No is primary key

The above table is just a sample table.

I have more than 1000 Order in my table. And for each Order there are at least 12 Order Detail is available in my Order Detail Table. It uses to take long time on loading the report for the first time. So, I thought to select Top 20 records from Order table.

I have used the below query in crystal report command

Select Top 20 O.OrderNo, O.Product, O.Date, O.Qty from Order O

inner join Order Detail OD on O.OrderNo = OD.OrderNo

1. After execution of above query, I would like to know whether all the records from Order Detail Table will be checked during execution (OR) only matching Top 20 records of Order Table will be checked in Order Detail Table and executed?

2. How to use stored procedure in Crystal Report command?

3. What are the steps I need to take, to load Crystal report fast during first time page load?