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Oct 27, 2010 at 05:33 PM

Webi limitations on SAP BW


Hi Experts,

I am working on a project using BO XI 3.1 and SAP BI 7.1.

We want to use SAP BW Infocubes, BW Queries as data source to WebI reports. We know there are some limitations on the WebI side and all the features won't be availble like relational database on SAP BW sources. I am specifically looking for the following inputs:

1. when you set up publications (particularly email ditribution) are there any known limitations (other than one fetch for each reciepient)? can report be distributed with appropiate data being filted as per user's role (Assuming proper roles are setup on BW side and same are imported in BO) ?

e.g. User A should get the report in email with data for region A only

User B should get the report in email with data for region B only

Reason iam asking is, i could find some posts where users have reported some issues with bursting feature.

2. Can be complex calcution & key figures be done at webi side? I read it in one SAP article that it is recommended to do this in a BEX query? Need more details on the why its not advisable to do it in WebI? Is this because limited fuctions are avaible for olap on the webi side? or just for performance reasons?