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Oct 27, 2010 at 05:00 PM

ESS W4 application - picking up state from Emergency address



The W-4 application in ESS is picking up emergency address of an employee and giving an option to create an IT0210 record for that state also (if the state is different from the work state of the employee). However, this is not desired and emergency address should not have any thing to do with W-4 records of the employee.

Since we could not find any configuation to avoid this, we have implemented the BADI HRXSS_PER_SUBTYPE with custom logic to check only Infotypes 0207, 0208, and 0209 for the W-4 application. Only if active records exist for these infotypes, employee will be able to create a W-4 record for that state.

However I wanted to check with few other people out there, if there is any configuration available to prevent this from happening (instead of implementing the BADI).

Any inputs will be appreciated.