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Oct 27, 2010 at 03:39 PM

stock transfer between stor locations - copy in reference data


Dear all,

We would like to implement a process in SAP MM that is as follows.

However so far we have not been able to find a suitable/good solution for the below step number 5 below

Proces in general: A number of Materials are to be received in storage location 1 but to be stocked in storage location 2 of the same plant.

We configured it like this so far:

1 MM01 - Material master created in both storage locations. In the field MARC-LGFSB ( external procurement stor.location) we have filled in storage location 1

2 MD01 - mrp runs are executed ; results in Purchasing Requisitions created for storage location 1

3 Purchase requisitions are converted to Purchase orders

4 MIGO u2013 goods receipt for the purchasing order , hence receipt into stock of storage location 1

5 MIGO_TR u2013 stock transfer posting stor.loc 1 to stor.loc. 2 . At this point we would like to be able to reference/copy the data of the step 1 into this transaction in order that the data does not have to be re-entered manually. We canu2019t find a way how to do this. Should we use other functionality to enable this? In the end what we are after is to avoid typing in data twice.

Your help would be much appreciated.



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