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Oct 27, 2010 at 10:55 AM

Table values need to be delimeted when we enter the same number


Hi All,

I have a small requirement, Please help me to solve this scenario.

I have a positions are stored in one table. with begda and enda.

pos   begda        endda

100  10/20/2010 12/31/9999

if the same position number is enterred with the new begda then the old endda should be automatically delimited.

output should be as follows

pos   begda        endda

100  10/20/2010 10/23/2010
100  10/24/2010 12/31/9999

What should be my approach other than module pool code ?? Because module pool programing is losing the data when ever we generate new version in table maintainance generator.

I believe Table maintainace generator events will help me to solve this such cases...Please help me any clear steps to achieve the same