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Oct 27, 2010 at 10:27 AM

How to reprocess failed BUPA_MAIN Bdoc with BP locking issue.


Hi All,

Small help need!!

In production, around 250 to 300 BUPA_MAIN Bdocs getting failed with error 'Business partner XXXXXXX is currently locked by you'. I'm wondering how to re-process these Bdocs. I know that I can go to SMW01 and I can reprocess but first Bdoc is failed and subsequent update for that same BP is successful. If I re-process first Bdoc, then we may loose second Bdoc changes. Currently instead of re-processing first Bdoc, I'm creating define request for that BP and loading BP in CRM and making first Bdoc status to 'Set to fully processed'.

To create define request for each BP taking long time. Is there any beter way of doing? How normally failed Bdoc processed in the system?

Kind Regards,

Anil Reddy.