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Oct 27, 2010 at 09:49 AM

Problem with Italy Year-End Closing report


We have unanswered questions regarding thereport FI_IT_01 Italy Year-end posting.

If any one has experioence from this and knows the answer/best practice of the questions stated below it would be very helpful. Point will be assigned for relevant answers.

  • A list with the following questions will need to be answered by a local SAP resource in Italy

> Postings on assets accounts, how will this be handled in the asset master? Is it ok that previous years will not be in sync with general ledger?

> Will the report automatically handle and post to accoutns with the setting "automatic postings only"?

> What does the "only account to post to" in the summary after the report is run?

> Is it ok to reverse the documents that the reports create? Is this done with normal reversing in SAP?

> Do we need to have special account groups for the dummy vendors and customers?

> How do we handle postings that requires CO objects. Should one "special" year end cost center be used?

> How can we handle other CO objects, such as order? And how do we handle accounts that requires profit centers only? Manual run of the batch? Is it standard to post to a special profit center for "year end postings"?

> Some account requires traading partner, we have a special validation for this that stops the batch and in foreground mode, the trading partner field is not available.