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Oct 27, 2010 at 08:20 AM

Company Code in WBS


Hi guys,

I'm working to a Customer. In the Sap System we using a WBS with differents Companyes.

Exactly a project with more company code.

When i edit a WBS, before i ve to insert a company code (PROJ-VBUKR) for example 1000, the Controlling Area ect...., later i edit the WBE.

Any WBE can be different company code (PRPS-PBURK), exactly the folder "assignments" for example Company code "1000 or 1001 or 1002" respect the compamy of WBS.

But at Sap System i see of default the company code of WBS "1000" for all WBE and i ve to manually correct the all companyes code.

is there a way to disable this mechanism?

Can i use a Substitution? If yes, is possible to see a example?

Thank you for attention,

kind regards