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Mar 05, 2019 at 03:05 PM

SAP GRC Process Control; Setting up a control for GRC itself - RFC connection back to GRC?



We are trying to setup a control in SAP GRC to monitor certain stuff of GRC itself. Example is to run ABAP report RSUSR100N in SAP GRC (called EG1) to check if anyone got SAP_ALL in the last 7 days in EG1.

1- RFC connection to EG1 has already been created in EG1 through SM59 with right access. Test connection works fine.

2- In SPRO in EG1, EG1 has been maintained as a "SAP" connector

3- In SPRO in EG1, EG1 has been added to have sub scenario ABAP_REPORT with Integration Scenario of AM (Automatic Monitoring).

4- EG1 come sin the list of connectors when defining a new data source. However when searching for RSUSR100N in EG1 it says "RFC does not exist in remote system 'EG1CLNT900'"

Any idea why this might be?


Reza Ahoui


eg1clnt900-sc.jpg (75.1 kB)