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Oct 27, 2010 at 05:37 AM

cFolder BOM Export Error


Hi Team,

We are getting inconsistant system behaviour while executing

transaction code - CFE02 while exporting same object at multiple times.

For example:

BOM - 1973005 transported successfully to cFolder by using Tcode- CFE02.

When I again exported this same object to other cFolder collaboration

that time, We are getting the message " You dont have write

authorization for BOM -1973005".

This system behaviour is inconsistant and we do not know when we will

get this error and when the object will get transported successfully.

What could be the possible reason for this inconsistant behaviour?

In Addition to the above information, Please refer the below infomation.

I am having the Write and create authorization at the folder level

where I am posting the data object and also I am having all the

required authorization in SAP R3 system.

Whne I am getting the above error, inspite of getting the error the BOM

gets exported to cFolder but the Version 1 becomes active and Version 2

becomes inactive.

In nomral scenario when we do not get the error that time BOM exported

with 2 Version where Version 2 is the active and Versio 1 is inactive.