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Oct 27, 2010 at 04:26 AM

exchange of rate difference issues invoice verification!(Emergency!)



The SAP version is R3/30F, I have some issues like this:

We do the good receipt to a purchase order with currency USD(the local currecny is RMB) in Aug,and reverse the good receipt in Sep,and then do the good receipt and the invoice entry in Oct,When entring the invoice in Oct,the system creat a exchange of rate difference with USD currecny ,the amount is just the reverse USD amount(the RMB account divides the exchange of rate)subtract the first good receipt USD amout,Why dose the exchange of rate difference happen?

Detail example as below:

the purchase order amount in USD: 500 and the currency of the purchase order is USD

exchange of rate in Aug:6.5, exchange of rate in Sep:6.8,exchange of rate in Oct:6.75

the first good receipt amount in RMB::3300=500*6.5

the good receipt reverse amount in RMB:3300=500*6.5

the second good receipt amount in RMB:3400=500*6.8

there is no USD amount displayed in good receipt document,just RMB.

the exchange of rate difference amount in invoice verificaion in USD(the currency of the invoice is USD):11.11= 3300/6.5-3300/6.75

We think the exchange of rate difference should not be created here.Can anyone give some sulutions?Thans in advance.