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Which date is displayed in blogs?

Dec 07, 2016 at 04:52 AM


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I am not reporting a bug (yet) - I am only trying to understand the current logic.

Is this original publishing date? It seems not - for some this blog (Navigating Blogger Levels in the New SAP Community) shows as published on 06.12.2016, while it has comments from 10.10.2016:

Is it last publish date after edit?

It is not - here is one of mine, this is the date, when the blog was published for the first time:

The blog was last edited on 23.10.2016, so this is not it.

To me, the most appropriate date would be original publishing date - I don't see a good enough reason to allow blogs reappearing as recent, only because somebody made a minor change.

Was there some technical issue, which caused some of the blog dates to be overwritten?

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Jürgen L
Dec 07, 2016 at 06:02 AM

If I am not mistaken then it is the last published date. Moderators can only publish when after an alert.

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If it is the last publish date, then in my blog it should be 23.10.2016 and not 21.11.2016, because on 23.10.2016 I added additional info and published it again. Or is this valid only when a moderator releases content?

The other possible cause could be that Jamie's blog went into moderation because of an alert and had to be released again (strange, considering her blogger level, but not impossible).


if you edit your post then you only see an update button, if I as a moderator release a post then I have a publish button.


Thank you, now it makes some sense... not very transparent to end users, but at least it is logical.