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Oct 26, 2010 at 06:06 PM

New BEx web module for high-performance comments


I was reviewing the EIM202 presentation from TechEd 2010 with a colleague, and noted on pages 24 and 25 that a new, high-performance solution for storing and displaying comments in BEx web is available. The presentation states that there is a How To paper with reference implementation available, but I have been unable to find it here on SDN or elsewhere. It appears that some custom coding is required, and I'm ok with that.

Does anybody have information they can share about this new module? How it can be used, and what the pre-requisites are? We are experiencing severe performance issues with documents and it could potentially benefit us greatly to switch to this new method.

Thank you!

Below is the content of slide 24 for your reference (slide 25 contains a diagram):

Comments in BEx Web Layouts

New solution using custom defined comment storage

Comments are stored as pure text in custom defined table (or DataStore Object)

New BEx Web Item Modification calls ABAP function module to receive comments and displays them in table

Comments can be created/modified using a BSP



Simple and open concept (easy to copy comments, upload comments etc.)

Buffer concept possible



No integration into standard BW documents

Not fully contained in standard

Own tables and function modules have to be created,u2026BUT:

How to paper available with reference implementation