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Oct 26, 2010 at 03:14 PM

space removed from character data type when move to internal table issue...


Hi Friends,

I converted material code and other details into internal table which have corresponding data types.But in internal table,I can see material code as left justified ,but after that space was removed.For example if material code is 'ABC' then rest of the space(material char(18)) are removed.But I need remaining spaces.I tried to concatenate material code with spaces (caoncatenate matnr ` ` int etc .. )at right side and moved to another internal table.Its working.But the problem is material codes have different values like one material 'ABC' and another like '123893-h' etc.So I need to calculate the space(out of char 18) dynamiclly and need to put space based on material code value.

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.Thank you all..



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