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Oct 26, 2010 at 11:32 AM

Appraisal form - column appears 5 times in preview



I have a problem with the appraisal form (BSP Version without EHP 4.0). I created a form with multicolumn (Part Appraisal and Final Appraisal). If i start the preview I get the Part Appraisal column 5 times (in web and print preview).

Here is what I did, all standard, no new created Value Lists or enhancements or whatever involved:

I created a category with participants appraiser and part appraiser (no appraisee)

Columns: FAPP - Final Appraisal and PAPP - Part Appraisal

Roles: Manager and Subordiante

Value Lists: Empty - added none

Enhacements: Weblayout - Standard, Printlayout -Standard and Print Layout - with Smart Forms

Status Flow: In Process and Part Parraisal in Process

Next I created the Template:

Layout: no changes

Columns: Multi Columns - checked both Final and Part Appraisal - no values, just empty

Column Access: Standard settnigs - no changes

Roles: Manager and Subordinate (was default - no changes)

Processing: No changes

Status Flow: checked part appraisal in process and set status 4 in process (otherwise I got the error that the target status has to be set).

Then I just preview the form and - drumroll - I get the column Final Appraisal and 5 times Part Appraisal.

Does anybody has an Idea why?

Thanks in advanced.

Best regards,