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Oct 25, 2010 at 08:14 PM

Physical Inventory Variance Report


I have a client who is going to perform a physical inventory soon and they are looking for a few different reports. They want an "initial" report which gives the current value of the warehouses by item. They also want a "final" report which gives the values of the warehouses by item along with the changes made after the inventory posting took place. This information is available through the inventory audit report. However, the client is also looking for a third report which gives the expected change in value for each item by warehouse.

This report would be run after the inventory count took place and after the quantities were entered into the inventory tracking table. The inventory audit report will not do any good since no transactions have taken place. I thought I would be able to write a query to output this information, but the problem is that the client is on FIFO.

The plan is to perform an inventory valuation of moving average before we do the inventory posting. Then, we will use the last evaluated price as the price source for any incoming items. For any outgoing items, SAP will use the FIFO layers.

The client is on SAPB1 2007A SP01 PL11. Are there any built-in reports that will give the expected changes in value by item by warehouse after performing an inventory count but before performing the inventory posting? If not, is there any way this could be done through a custom report using the OITW/OINM tables? Thank you for your help.