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Oct 25, 2010 at 04:08 PM

Upgrading to CR2008 - pdf, xls file sizes question


Background -

Updated CR10 to CR2008 (sp3)

Updated my Windows Client app from VB6 to VB2008

SDK - Visual Studio 2008

Current Status -

Successfully deployed VB2008 app with the CR2008 Runtime using "ClickOnce" to a test Windows XP client.

Issue description -

Here is a representative example of what I am experiencing regarding pdf and xls resultant file sizes.

If a execute a specific report in CR10 and CR2008 designer and save it as an excel file the results are the same. Both files sizes are 122KB.

If I execute that report through my VB2008 app and the CR2008 runtime the xls file size is 122KB

However, if I execute that report through my VB6 app and the CR10 runtime the file size is 39Kb.

The excel report data looks the same in Windows and looks exactly the same when printed.

Was there some compression going on in the older CR10 runtime vs. the CR2008 runtime?

Notes -

If I take the xls file created from CR2008 runtime and resave it, the file size drops from 122KB to 76KB.

If I remove the logo the file size drops from 76KB to 28KB.

If I take the XLS file created from the CR10 and remove the logo the file size drops from 39KB to 28KB.

A quirky problem, but the there is such a significant difference in the "before and after conversion" file sizes

I need to resolve it before deploying. Any advice would be appreciiated, Thanks!!!