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Oct 25, 2010 at 01:41 PM

ESS Leave Request: Strange Occurence with Absence Types


Hello Experts,

Recently we have started to implement the SAP Leave Request for our ESS. Everything works fine so far, the only thing that caught our attention when testing was the following:

We have restricted the amount of selectable absence types for the web-dynpro to a total of five via SPRO. Those five Absence types work with the same WEBMO and the same MOABW. Two of those five absence types should only be selectable by users who are part of a certain MAKrs. In this case one absence type for employees and one for officials. We did not yet adjust anything considering this requirement. However, when testing the frontend, an employee can only select his required absence type, the one for officials is hidden/can't be selected; this is exactly how it should be. BUT an official can select both absence types, the one for employees should not be selectable.

Any ideas why this happens/where to look?

We use a copied/adjusted version of 12300111 for our workflow (not sure whether this is important, it is my udnerstanding the workflow isn't started yet when merely selecting absence types). And we are using BADI PT_GEN_REQ with enhanced methods CHECK_SELECTED_NEXT_PROCESSOR, SEARCH_FOR_NEXT_PROCESSOR and FILTER_NEXT_PROCESSOR. Both of this shouldn't influence the web-dynpro select-options though, please correct me if I'm wrong here.

best regards, thanks in advance