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Oct 25, 2010 at 11:08 AM

Functions/Risks/Rules update recommendadtion


Hello colleagues,

Recently I have started to work with RAR(CC) tightly. Some points are uncleared for me and I would very appreciated for some helps and advices.

We performed post-installation steps for RAR (uploaded SAPObjects, BP, Functions, Rules and so on). The first my question is reqarding daily support system.

1) May we upload own files with actions and permissions which made by concotenation of standard actions/permissions files with our actions/permissions files? Or we have to manage via RAR interface?

1.1 In case if we can upload own files, would it rewrite existing information or add missing information?

1.2 Why standard files(actions, permissions) content duplicated information? For example, tcode F.13 contains in action file and permission file. Would it be enough to include F.13 (tcode and auth. objects) only in permission file?

2) Regarding question #1, should we run rule generation reports every time after changing:

2.1 If we add new BP, Function

2.2 If we don't change BP, Functions, but add new transactions/permissions to Functions

3) Is it possible to perform risk analysis during run of Rule Generation job (config -> log. systems -> generate rules)?

4) How to restrict number of rules if we get message like this:

Risk: M014 has exceeded the maximum number of rules (46,655) that can be generated


Artem Ivashkin