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Oct 25, 2010 at 08:11 AM

TMS SAP Design: Functional acknowledgment


Background : In TMS project IDOC interface is used to send out data from SAP to the external transportation planning systems. This interface includes sending of information related to outbound deliveries, which is performed with specific message type ZVXX_TMS1_TPSDLS. As soon as external system receives outbound delivery data from SAP it generates response messages with technical acknowledgment (message type STATUS) and sends it back to SAP. Then external system process data received from SAP and as data is processed, message with Functional acknowledgement (message type STATUS) is generated and sent out to SAP through XI.

In SAP STATUS messages update outbound delivery messages ZVXX_TMS1_TPSDLS with new statuses received from external system. In this way it is possible to have information in SAP regarding outbound delivery processing in External system.

The problem related to status update process is found. In some cases even STATUS IDOCs are created in correct order in SAP, they update ZVXX_TMS1_TPSDLS messages in incorrect order. And it makes not possible to track actual processing status of outbound deliveries in external system with message ZVXX_TMS1_TPSDLS status record.


Basic requirement is to have status for outbound message TMS_TMS1_TPSDLS which reflects progress of data processing in external system.

The right sequence of status scheme is to process technical acknowledgment before the functional acknowledgment.

Can any one help ?


Mahmoud Habashi