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Oct 25, 2010 at 05:44 AM

Asset Accounting - Down payment problem


Dear All,

In my company Asset Accounting is implemented along with WBS Element.

Procedure of Asset Settlement

1. We settle the cost to AUC Asset through CJ88 for the Pos for which goods inward happened.

2. Then we create completed asset in CJ02 for the corresponding Pos.

3. Then we define the settlement rule in CJIC.

4. Then through final settlement (CJ88) we post the asset cost from AUC asset to the original Asset.

Ideally after goods inward (MIGO) the asset should capitalized into the company.


There are few scenarios where advance has been paid on the POs.

1st scenario

Where the Down payment is less then the PO value

At the time of settlement the MIGO value comes as Debit balance & the Down payment amount comes as credit balance.

In this scenario a lesser amount is debited to the Asset, and when do the clearing the of the down payment through F-44 we debit the amount back in the asset.

2nd Scenario

Down payment amount is more then the PO value.

So the total amount to be posted to the asset will be Negative, it will not allow as u201Cnegative posting value is not allowedu201D.

Please advise me how to deactivate the Down payment transaction at the time of settlement, only the MIGO value should come at the time of defining the settlement rule.

Thank you in advance