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Oct 24, 2010 at 06:00 PM

How to pass Characterstic varialble in WAD using button.


Hello Gurus,

I have one requirement in WAD 7.0.i have made one user input characterstic variable in Bex i.e on 0calmonth.Now i have passed the same variable in WAD drop down button.Now suppose based on the logic on that variable which i have made in bex is like when i select 04.2010 in drop down button it dispalys data for next three months.

Now my user wants same thing to be displayed with the help of button as well. I need to make two buttons one for previous month and other for next month.I made two button using button group and passed that variable also but data is not changing.

How to get the desired output using buttons.

I want two buttons like this <<(previous) >>(next) and i want to pass that same variable which i passed in drop down button and when i press previous button it should display last month data and when i press next it should display next month data.

How to achieve this in WAD with the help of buttons.Give me your useful suggestions.

Hope my requirement is clear.

Thanks in advance