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Oct 24, 2010 at 04:51 PM

Enqueue process not getting start after failover


Hi Experts,

We are facing problem suddenly after doing failover test. This problem arrived today only. Before it was happening successfully.

Before failover everything is running fine on primary node. After doing failover the enqueue sever process on ASCS instance is not starting in secondary node.

It's also showing license will expire on 16.11.2010, but system has

already license installed.

The ASCS start logs are showing as below -

Execute Pre-Startup Commands


(12517410) Local: /usr/sap/PRD/SYS/exe/run/sapcpe pf=/usr/sap/PRD/SYS/profile/PRD_ASCS00_sapprd1 list:/usr/sap/PRD/SYS/exe/run/scs.lst

(11534542) system(/usr/sap/PRD/SYS/exe/run/sapcpe pf=/usr/sap/PRD/SYS/profile/PRD_ASCS00_sapprd1 list:/usr/sap/PRD/SYS/exe/run/scs.lst) returns 4

(12517412) Local: /usr/sap/PRD/SYS/exe/run/sapcpe pf=/usr/sap/PRD/SYS/profile/PRD_ASCS00_sapprd1 list:/usr/sap/PRD/SYS/exe/run/sapcrypto.lst

(11534542) system(/usr/sap/PRD/SYS/exe/run/sapcpe pf=/usr/sap/PRD/SYS/profile/PRD_ASCS00_sapprd1 list:/usr/sap/PRD/SYS/exe/run/sapcrypto.lst) returns 255

(12517414) Local: rm -f ms.sapPRD_ASCS00

(12517416) Local: ln -s -f /usr/sap/PRD/ASCS00/exe/msg_server ms.sapPRD_ASCS00

(12517418) Local: rm -f en.sapPRD_ASCS00

(12517420) Local: ln -s -f /usr/sap/PRD/ASCS00/exe/enserver en.sapPRD_ASCS00

Starting Programs


24.10.2010 18:39:42



(12517424) Starting: local ms.sapPRD_ASCS00 pf=/usr/sap/PRD/SYS/profile/PRD_ASCS00_sapprd1

(8585426) Starting: local en.sapPRD_ASCS00 pf=/usr/sap/PRD/SYS/profile/PRD_ASCS00_sapprd1

(11534542) Waiting for Child Processes to terminate.

(11534542) **** 2010/10/24 18:39:42 Child 8585426 terminated with Status 1 . ****

(8585426) **** 2010/10/24 18:39:42 No RestartProgram command for program 1 ****


It's unable to start enqueue server process.

Please suggest your solutions.