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Oct 22, 2010 at 03:52 PM

Inspection lots with skips stages for vendors with certified QM system


Hi SAP gurus!

I am working with QM in procurement, vendor QM systems.

I have set up the following:

- Target QM system (assigned in MM)

- Actual QM system (assigned in QINF for proc), which is certified.

All is working well with the following control of inspection lot creation in the QINF t-code QI02.

"Inspection active, if vendor is not certified" - This is working fine!

(SAP help text: An inspection lot is created if the settings in the material master require this, and if there is no other overriding control function)

"No inspection" - This is working fine for another actual QM system which is not certified.

(SAP help text: No inspection lot is created, although the material master requires an inspection.)

The problem is:

"Inspection active, independent of vendor certification" - This is not working for actual QM system which is certified!

An inspection lot is created, although a skip lot is scheduled for the vendor as a result of the vendor's QM system.

The result is the same as option 1, no inspection lot is created. According to help text an inspection lot should be created but with a skip stage.

I have checked the following:

- Characteristics weight does not prohibit skips

- Inspection setup for material allows skips

- Assigned sampling procedure does not prohibit skips.

Any ideas why this behavious is still occuring?