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Former Member
Oct 22, 2010 at 03:14 PM

MII 12.1 issues


Hi All,

We are in a process of MII upgrade from 12.0 to Version 12.1.6 Build(95).

We are facing some different behavior in new system

1. If any empty string passed to any Xacute Query of MII BLS in run time u2013 then it fails to override the design time value by the blank value. But it works when some non empty value is passed.

2. If any logic is written under some condition action blocku2013 then if the condition is false in a run time scenario then all the actions properties under that condition is treated as invalid variable.

3. In one BLS, XML document is appended rows by using assignment action block - and passed to output variable. If the transaction is called for second time from web page then it appends the rows on top the existing rows appended in first execution. So XML is not getting cleared after execution of the BLS.

Have anybody seen these issues before in 12.1 ?

Looking for your help.