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Oct 22, 2010 at 11:06 AM

Cascading dynamic parameters (Crystal 2008)


I am currently using Crystal Reports 2008, but I am having and issue with cascading dynamic parameters. I have searched the internet high and low but cannot seem to find the answer to resolve my problem.

I main aim is that when a customer account is selected from the first drop down box you can select the site addresses linked to that account number in the second drop down box.

I can create a dynamic parameter based on fields in the same table as in the xtreme database with county, city etc. However, I have two separate tables, Customer and siteaddr. Within these tables they both have a field call acnt_nbr which is a unique number.

The siteaddr table is linked to the customer table on the acnt_nbr field by a left outer join. Each site address in the siteaddr has a unique number field.

I have tried to create the cascading dynamic parameter but because the field names are the same you get the error u201Ceach field can only be used once, but the field is being use multiple times u201Cacnt_nbru201D.

I found a trick to get round this by doing the following when creating a parameter

Adding customer acnt_nbr field to the value field, then clicked to create parameter.

Add site acnt_nbr to the value field then clicked ok but didnu2019t click on the create parameter.

I then renamed the parameter, went to edit and then for the site acnt_nbr field in value clicked to create parameter.

In field explorer you then get two parameters, I then used the select expert to assign the customer acnt_nbr to the first parameter and siteaddr acnt_nbr to the second parameter

The first drop down box works correctly and returns all the customer account numberu2019s. However, the second parameter just returns u2026 and not a list of site addresses linked to the account number.

Any help would be greatly appreicated.