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Oct 22, 2010 at 07:03 AM

Error FWM 01014


I just installed Crystal Reports Server 2008 on a server and to make the installation easy I choose the install Tomcat & deploy to it and install MySQL options. The installation was done on Windows 2003 and I use SQL 2005 as the database for report data.

The installation completes without any error messages and most thing work after the installation. I can logon onto CMC, I can publish reports, I can logon to infoview. But when I try to view a report I get error messages. I also tried running the sample reports that came with the installation but got the same results. When I run a sample report from CMC I get the following error message:

*An unexpected error has occurred. The exception originally thrown was: Unable to find servers in CMS crdevserver.kilic.local:6400 and cluster @crdevserver.kilic.local:6400 with kind fileserver and service FileStoreV2. All such servers could be down or disabled by the administrator. (FWM 01014)

When I try to run the same sample report from infoview it gives the error:*

invalid report object.

When I try to run 1 of our own reports from infoview it gives the error:

The database logon information is incomplete or incorrect.

I am sure it is correct, I also tried having the user enter these values but got the same result.

I also tried reinstalling with diffrent configurations but got the same results, I have been searching the internet for a solution for the last week but I am pretty much stuck.

Any assistance would be much appreciated. thanks


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