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Oct 22, 2010 at 06:54 AM

Deactivate "Legal Control" service


Hello gurus,

we would like to use the Sanctioned Party list Screening ONLY.

Now, we had an export customer order that was blocked because of the Legal Control service. We checked the protocols and found out this was because of incomplete customizing for that service. We had not maintained all the setting because we did not want to use the service anyways.

So, I went to IMG -> SAP Global Trade Services -> SAP Compliance Management -> u201CLegal Controlu201D Service -> Activate Legal Regulations and deactivated the active Legal Regulation for exports (i.e. set u201CLegCtrExp.u201D to u201CCheck: Not Activatedu201D).

The result is that the export orders do not get blocked any more, but there is a warning saying u201CUnable to find any active legal regulations for determination proc. u201CLELDTu201Du201D.

Although this is no real problem, all the yellow warning signs do not look good and I wonder if it is possible to deactivate the u201CLegal Controlu201D service all together.

Any ideas on this?