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Oct 22, 2010 at 02:16 AM

Extended BASIS Configuration- DASHBOARD



I want to simplify the BASIS job like monitoring DB / OS / System. I am impressed with SQL server DASHBOARD . Is there any option in SAP to do like that of any third party software can do that. Here i am pointing out some of my ideas. Dear experts please put your ideas on those things can be done or not.(OS: AIX 6.1 / DB: Oracle 10g)

  • Advance Auto Email + SMS for any critical error / warning (OS / DB ( Tablspace bellow threshold value)/ System).

  • Graphical Dashboard with chart and log analysis.

  • Control sap with SMS for emergency shutdown (Ex: for any emergency SAP and servers needs to shutdown for reduce data loss and safety. A sms can be send from remote so that the OS will receive sms and OS will shutdown the SAP by script and shutdown itself.)

  • When cluster fail-over, A email or SMS can be send for acknowledgment.

Like these what are the others advanced configuration can be done please discuss here with full process. Who ever has any new idea please share here.