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Oct 21, 2010 at 05:06 PM

Benefit Salary BSAL not matching annual salary


In infotype 8 the pay period is bi-weekly. We have defined a bi-weekly wage type that is set based on the annual salary (ansal) that is entered. The bi-weekly wage type characteristic is set to round up to the next .01. For example, if annual salary = 20,000.00 then the bi-weekly salary is 769.24.

The wage type valuation for BSAL (IMG > Personnel Management > Personnel Administration > Payroll Data > Basic Pay > Define Annual Salary > Relevant wage types for annual salary validation) contains the bi-weekly wage type. The problem is that the benefit salary BSAL is calculated by taking the bi-weekly salary from IT0008 and multiplies by 26. Since we round up to the next .01 in IT0008 the benefit salary calculated does not match the annual salary. In the example above the benefit salary is calculated to be 20,000.24 (769.24 * 26).

SAP documentation on benefit salary says:

"The system reads all Additional Payments (infotype 0015) that fall in the year preceeding this date. The sum of all these amounts is then multiplied by the number of payments the employee receives during the year (from the period modifier on their Basic Pay record (infotype 0008))."

My problem is I want benefit salary to equal the annual salary entered in IT0008, not bi-weekly salary * 26. How can I set up BSAL to use the annual salary?