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Oct 21, 2010 at 07:16 AM

How can I delete the home address of the contact person


Hi Experts,

I want delete the home address of the contact persons in the ERP.

Which data and where can you found it:

In Tx xd02 in the general data of customer - register "contact person" and then button "home address".

There I want delete all fields. When I looked in F1 - technical information I don't get the information in which table the data are included. I know only the structure.

I think the general data of the contact person I have to look in the table knvk.

The private and the business email address I can find in the table ADR6.

In the table knvk there is a field "address number". I know when there is a number then the contact person has a home address and when this field is empty then for this contact person isn't maintain a home address.

Could I delete this field "address number" in the table knvk? Is then the home address automatically deleted?

I don't know how can I delete this field. Can anybody tell me how can I do this? I looked in the Tx xd99 this field isn't available there.

Or does anybody know how can I delete the home address of the contact persons on another way?

Thank you in advance.

Best regards, Jasmin