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Oct 20, 2010 at 10:05 PM

RSBOLAP 018 Java System error: An Unknown Error Occured During Portal Comm.


Hello Guru's,

I am having a issue with communication between BI system and Portal.

When I try to open the Web Application Designer I get the error as below:

RSBOLAP 018 Java System error: An Unknown Error Occured During Portal Communication

And for diagnosis it gives as below:


An error occurred in the BI components on the SAP J2EE Engine.

System Response


Contact your system administrator to have the error analyzed in detail.

Procedure for System Administration

Start the Visual Administrator, log on to the SAP J2EE Engine and choose "<J2EE_SID>" ->"Server" -> "Services" -> "Log Viewer".

The file "defaultTrace.trc" includes detailed information about the error that occurred. In Windows, you can find this file in the Log Viewer under "Cluster <computer name>" -> "Server <server number>" -> "<drive>:\usr\sap\<SID>\JC<INSTANCE>\j2ee\cluster\server<NUMBER>\log". ". In Unix, the file is located under "/usr/sap/<SID>/JC<INSTANCE>/j2ee/cluster/server<NUMBER>/log".

If the file does not include enough detail about the error, you can increase the log level to obtain more information. To do this, choose "<J2EE_SID>" -> "Server" -> "Services" -> "Log Configurator". On the "Locations" tab page, choose "com" -> "sap" -> "ip" -> "bi" -> "webapplications". Using the selection list on the right side of the screen, you can increase the log level, whereby "DEBUG" represents the log level with the most information. You can save your settings by choosing the "Save" icon. The change to the log level is active immediately. Once you have successfully analyzed the error, you should set the log level back to its default value using the appropriate pushbutton; continuous writing to the log file negatively affects the overall performance of the system.

I checked the SSO between Portal and BI system and everthing is working fine.

Any inputs on how to resolve will be helpful.

Thanks & Regards,