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Oct 20, 2010 at 08:46 AM

Objects not visible in Portal Worklist Translation


Hi All,

I am encountering a strange issue in Portal Content translation for ESS. I need to edit the Overview workset to French properly. I have created the worklist and have added the workset to it. After adding, I followed the procedure below:

- Generate Translatiion Data

- Release for Translation

Then, when I go to Worklist translation and select my worklist, in statistic details table itself, I see Total column as 2 (i.e. without any workset object)

After selecting src detsn lang, on Load for Translation, I just see the worklist name (1 for name, 1 for description) in the src destn table. There is no workset object in the source destination table to be selected for translating the text.

However, when I try to create dummy new workset and add it to new worklist. Then things work perfectly fine as it should be. I have even tried adding Benefits & Payment workset but no luck (i.e. same after addition not shown on "load for translation"). I am successfully able to add and see Career and Devpt workset (also any of the iViews) on "load for translation" for changing the text.

Is there any property for to be set for workset (copy of standard ESS workset) ?

Problem is objects are getting added in Translation worklist coordination but are not shown to edit src destn text on "load for translation".

Help is appreciated.