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How do you unassign handling units from a deleted delivery?

Dec 06, 2016 at 06:49 PM


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Hello all SAP gurus,

We have a problem with material stuck in quality inspection. These 12 HU's were assigned to a delivery and it looks like someone with firecall access went in and somehow deleted the delivery with the handling units still assigned to them.

Now if I use VL02N or VL03N to search for the delivery, I get the error, "Delivery 87371890 does not exist in the database or in the archive". When I look in QA32, all of these handling units are assigned to the same inspection lot (they had been transferred from one material to another) and a usage decision had been made, but they were never posted to unrestricted stock and I can't post them to unrestricted stock because I get the error, "The handling unit X is assigned to delivery 0087371890 and cannot be processed".

I know that the guy who had firecall access deleted it because I looked in VL22

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1 Answer

Raghu Govindarajan Dec 07, 2016 at 03:41 PM

I think the only way to do this is programmatically you can make the HU an unassigned HU using a function module such BAPI_HU_CHANGE_HEADER or you could try unpacking using HU_PACKING_AND_UNPACKING or BAPI_HU_UNPACK.

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I don't know the t-codes to view these function modules, are the t-codes SE37 or SE80? I have a feeling that my company probably hasn't given me the authorization to make changes to these function modules.

Is there a way to view the HU in these function modules just to check and see and then I can ask somebody higher up to make the changes?


You don't change function module, you use them in custom programs that you would write to address the issue. Based on your comment, you are not an ABAPer. I would advise you to talk to an ABAP development person or team to help you.

And before any one else suggests that you just run a function module in SE37 in production - firecall or not, that is a bad idea. These functions also need to be used in a sequence of function calls. There is plenty of help out there if you (or your ABAPer) Google those function module names.