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Oct 20, 2010 at 07:02 AM

403 forbidden error received at Trade Partner side while sending data to XI


Hi XI Experts,

We have a B2B scenario from TP1 to another TP2 via XI in our production system. The interface is working fine and messages are flowing successfully. However, the Trade Partner HUB has decided to implement a new eCommerce Business Platform at their end. That's why they have provided AS2 ID of sender and Receiver to us to make the changes in Quality environment. I have done the same in our Quality system.

Flow: We are able to send the data successfully to the AS2 ID provided by Hubgroup. Where as we are not able to receive any data from HUB.

Last Friday, Hubgroup has received the error while sending data to XI. And in our Sender AS2 channel, we also received the following error.

a) HUB Side error:

Here is a copy of the MDN Message send to HUB:

The message you sent on "Thu, 14 Oct 2010 07:14:51 GMT" from "XXXXXXXX" to

"XXXXXXXXX" with subject "Integrator Message" has been received on 14 Oct

2010 19:14:52 GMT, but cannot be processed because message authentication


b) XI AS2 channel error:

Error type: PANIC >> Error date: 10/14/10 11:48 AM >> Description: Initiate

Error:com.seeburger.util.configuration.ConfigurationException: Failed to lookup report channel for failed inbound

message. Reason : com.seeburger.xi.config.ConfigException: No matching inbound binding (report) found for

FromParty: ToParty: subject:Integrator Message [10/14/10 11:48 AM]

I have done the following things: 1) Cache refreshed 2) Recreated the 1st part from HUB to XI. 3) Checked the Agreements and Receiver Determination and also the AS2 ID's 4) Also checked the URL in communication channel. I have created the scenario with out any mapping. I want to receive the data from HUBGROUP with out any changes. For that, I will be using a dummy interface and dummy namespace in configuration.

When we test last night, HUB side they have received 403 forbidden error message and we didn;t receive any message to XI.

Note: XI3.0 version we are using currently. We are upgrading to PI 7.11 in the next month.

Please help me on this.

Thanks & Regards,

Abdullah Shaik.

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