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Oct 19, 2010 at 02:32 PM

Orders from different sales org. -> single delivery



Does anyone know if it is possible to combine sales orders, related to different sales organizations, into a single delivery document ?

The documentation on combining sales orders says that:

The orders or the order items and schedule lines must have identical shipping criteria. This includes the following data:

- Shipping point

- Ship-to party

- Incoterms

- Sales organization

There's also a field VKORG (sales organization) in the header of the delivery document (LIKP table), so it suggests that a delivery document cannot be related to more than one sales organization.

But on the other hand the functionality that checks if sales orders belong to the same sales org. (during delivery creation) is not hard-coded. It is contained in the copy-control procedures (VOFM). So this might suggest that we can manipulate it. (For example we have standard requirement procedure 51 that contains a condition which allows combining orders only if the sales org. of the orders are the same. Also, the field LIKP-VKORG is populated by means of the copy-control procedures).

So my question is: Is it really necessary to have the field "sales organization" in the delivery header (LIKP-VKORG) filled with value copied from the sales order ?

If I changed the copy-control in the way that the system would not check the "sales organization" of orders being copied into delivery during delivery creation, and my copy-control would fill LIKP-VKORG with initial value (empty) instead of copying it from the order - would this be OK or would it rather cause errors in further processing of the delivery ? (I mean while: goods issue, billing, transportation).

My goal is to have a single delivery document, combining sales orders from two sales organizations - each of them related to separate company code - so that the billing of the delivery document results in creating two invoices - each invoice related to the corresponding company code.