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Scheduling Analysis for Office Workbooks with Events not available


when scheduling a BOA workbook (Version 2.3) in BI Launchpad (BIP 4.2), the "Events" option is not available, although events have been created and can be used for the scheduling of (e.g.) WebI documents. Authorization should be fine, since we have been using a user who is a member of the Administrators group.

Searching the web and almost all the related SAP documents, we didn't find any information about BOA workbooks not being able to be used in event-based scheduling.

Is this the expected behaviour? Why should this not be available? Do we need to activate something to make it available?



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4 Answers

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    Dec 07, 2016 at 10:41 AM

    SAP informed us that it is not possible to use events with BOA Workbooks. Very very frustrating, that this seems to be a very new and very wild idea we have to post at the idea place.


    SAP just informed us, that scheduling AO Workbooks through events is currently not possible. Instead, SAP suggested to post this in the idea place.

    The whole experience working with BIP/AO is very frustrating. We are completely amazed, that triggering workbook schedules from SAP BW seems to be a new and wild idea.

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  • Dec 06, 2016 at 05:52 PM

    I couldn't find much, but possibly this APOS add-on for Analysis Office supports it:

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  • Dec 06, 2016 at 05:57 PM

    You can also submit this on Idea Place - there are some ideas out there for Analysis Office:

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    • Coincidentally I created a post on the Ideas site this morning for this very issue. I was on the BOE320 course last week and got very excited about triggering scheduling via an event. There is a guide that goes into detail about triggering a BO scheduled job via BW process chains and it was my intention to do this.

      However, as other people have discovered, the Events option is not available for Analysis objects. So I have raised it on the ideas site in both Analysis and BO Platform sections:

      The scheduling in pretty poor for Analysis jobs and even the simple task of adding or removing a new user means the whole job has to be rebuilt. That is what idea is asking for...

  • Dec 08, 2016 at 01:35 PM

    It is funny that I ran across this today. I have been battling with SAP for weeks on this same issue.

    When we were on BO 4.1 SP1, we actually had the "Events" option available in all of our environments for AA, thinking it was new functionality. We currently have several AA workbooks running on events triggered by BW, as well as other BO reports triggering AA. When we moved to 4.1 SP5, we lost the ability to create more event based triggers, except in one environment. However, the ones created before SP5 still run to this day. SAP cannot explain why one environment has "Events".

    We always believed it was a BO issue rather than an AA BIP issue, so we waited until our next BO update for the resolution. We are now moving 4.2 SP3 through our landscape and "Events" are not there. I am working with an SAP senior support specialist and they cannot really confirm or deny the previous existence of Events for AA. He says none of their environments have it, but they cannot deny what they see in our landscape.

    I am utterly confused and frustrated as to why this cannot be answered with a resounding Yes or No, and why it was there before and not now without them knowing about it.

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