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Oct 18, 2010 at 11:06 PM

Can not reject Sales Order


I have one sales order that can not be rejected, this order have been invoiced and also returned by the customer so now we want to delete it from pending orders.

We have a pricing access sequence that uses a z discount condition (i did not code it), now the problem I am facing its that with one particular order as soon as i enter the order a message comes up blocking the discount that was already given to 2 items in this order, and in the same process puts the price as zero for those items.

I already changed prices and discounts for the price date on the order, and it works on the test enviroment (it will not show the error, since now the discount amount its allowed), but not on productive.

Its some way to reject a sales order direct from tables? if i rejected on VKM3 it will be gone from pending orders?

Thank you,