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Oct 18, 2010 at 11:43 AM

Re - Handing of event custom code , Containers in Table maintenace


Hi ,

I have a table with 10 fields in it. Requirement is to add a new field and handle the maintenance screen of it.

Existing process.

Now the table is having overview screen say 34 and SIngle screen 35.

On the display of entry in overview screen 34 ->double click on entry it leads me to a two container(s) split logic in screen 35 which is nothing butthe entry being split and converted into a rule code.Bit tricky.

There is event code (02) to handle this and perform form routines for the logic .

My assumption is when i add the new field to this table i will adjust the table and go for a regeneration of screen 34.

But since it is a regeneration , new code is triggered.This new code can change screen is OK for me if it limits to screen 34.

//When regeneration it pops with two screens to choose with checkbox option . i will opt for only screen 34.

Q1 ->What are all the necesary checks in such scenario's i should take so that the single screen 35 does not have any effect whatsoever for screen 34.

I'm not sure if particular screen 35 holds or not viz event code , container blocks and includes supporting the same.

I want to know if this can be handled clean with no major risks.

//ALternate solution i'm thinking is to handle this with a field addtion without table maintenance generation

i.e add new field adjust table , activate. Drop this new field into screen 34 activate and support the code for new entry field.

Please let me know your comments.