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Oct 18, 2010 at 08:24 AM

CR in 8.8 u2013 Stored procedure parameter names



I have several reports which are based on stored procedures which require parameters as defined in the SP.

Running externally and in the SBO Crystal Integration addon for 2007 I have been able to define the parameter in the report to be dynamic to get selections.

For example. The SP has a parameter @periodCode. Crystal inherits this as the name of a parameter which may not be changed. Keeping the name I have defined it as a dynamic parameter accessing the OFPR table

Under 8.8, these parameters would be well suited to the standard Token parameter for periods.

Is there any way in 8.8 of mapping a token style parameter to the fixed name parameter that Crystal inherits from a stored procedure.

I have tried changing the name of the parameter in the SP to match a typical token name but it didnu2019t like that at all. Too many commas and @ signs etc.