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Oct 18, 2010 at 01:11 AM

LE Question - Mass Conversion of Transfer Req [TR] to Transfer Order [TO]


Hi LE Gurus,

My client uses WM-PP interface. Transfer Req is created on releasing a Production Order.

Often they need to release a Production Order when a couple of components are still missing. These components arrive before production is completed.

On Release of Production Order, TRs are created - which are converted to TOs using LB10 or LB13.

If you try to Create TO in Background - TO is not created - because system can't find the Source Bins for the missing components.

If you try to Create TO in Foreground - system stops at every missing component as it can't find Source Bin - you need to ignore and skip them - and then you can create the TO - with partial conversion of the TR. The TR remains partially converted.

My question to you is - is there any way I can Mass Convert these TRs to TOs - where system will skip the missing components - leaving those TRs partially converted. At a later point of time when missing components are received, same Mass Conversion will convert the balance of those partially converted TRs to TOs.

Your help is highly appreciated.